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Agriculture Services



Neal Roes, SA2
Brad Osadczuk, SA2
Donald Osadczuk
Glenn Benedict  
Stan Fullerton

Craig Horner
Dorothy Cornforth - Office Manager
Justine Simpson, Ag. Fieldman


Travis Foot, SA3

Kevin Wilson, SA3
Jerry Logan
Marvin Molzan

Walter Scarff
Marilyn Lazzari - Office Manager
James Skjenna, Ag. Fieldman


Bonnie Sansregret, SA4
Robert Worobo, SA4
Craig Wiechnik

Gloria Nelson 

Trevor Bousquet
Todd Murphy

Taryl Abt - Office Manager
Ryan Buehler, Ag. Fieldman

The Agricultural Service Board’s (ASB’s) of the Special Areas assist producers in many ways, while working in accordance within the regulations of the following Acts:

  • Agriculture Service Board Act
  • Weed Control Act
  • Soil Conservation Act
  • Agricultural Pests Act
  • Animal Health Act

The ASB provides a strong weed control program within Special Areas. Restricted noxious and noxious weeds are a main target of the board. Regular control is a consistent goal of the ASB’s, with problem weed sites being controlled, documented, GPS’d and reinspected as necessary. Roadside spraying is performed to aid in weed control. The ASB’s have herbicide spraying equipment that is available to rent.

The ASB works diligently in protecting the fragile land within the Special Areas. Soil conservation continues to be a priority of the region. The ASB has equipment available to assist ratepayers in the planting and establishment of shelterbelts. A number of no-till and grass seeding drills are available for rent, at an affordable rate to aid producers in conserving the delicate soil of the Special Areas.

Pests are quite common in the area. Strychnine is available throughout spring and summer for Richardson Ground Squirrel control. Skunk and Magpie traps are available to help producers achieve control. Bran Applicators are available to assist in grasshopper control. The ASB staff conducts provincially run surveys on fusarium, blackleg of canola, bertha army worms and grasshoppers, just to name a few. Coyote control is another priority of the ASB’s as there are large numbers of cattle in these areas and coyote predation can be of great concern.

Equipment For Rent

Please visit our Rates in Effect page for current equipment rental rates. Contact your local District Office for more information.