Jenner Wind Power Project – Appeal Hearing

Notice of Appeal Hearing

Application Number - SA2-16-17
Type of Development - Wind Power Project - Jenner, AB
Legal Descriptions -

LSD-04 SEC-21 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-08 SEC-28 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-11 SEC-16 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-01 SEC-27 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-07 SEC-18 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-01 SEC-28 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-01 SEC-17 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-13 SEC-23 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-02 SEC-16 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-04 SEC-23 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-03 SEC-17 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-12 SEC-14 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-16 SEC-08 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-01 SEC-13 TWP-021 RGE-09-W4

LSD-15 SEC-08 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-11 SEC-08 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-11 SEC-07 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-16 SEC-08 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-05 SEC-07 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-09 SEC-12 TWP-021 RGE-09-W4

LSD-08 SEC-12 TWP-022 RGE-09-W4

LSD-01 SEC-12 TWP-021 RGE-09-W4

LSD-03 SEC-07 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-03 SEC-12 TWP-021 RGE-09-W4

LSD-10 SEC-05 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-16 SEC-03 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-08 SEC-01 TWP-022 RGE-09-W4

LSD-13 SEC-03 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-07 SEC-06 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-16 SEC-01 TWP-021 RGE-09-W4

LSD-04 SEC-06 TWP-022 RGE-08-W4

LSD-11 SEC-03 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-15 SEC-32 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-10 SEC-03 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-01 SEC-32 TWP-021 RGE-08-W4

LSD-08 SEC-01 TWP-021 RGE-09-W4

An appeal hearing is set for Monday, December 11, 2017, at 1:30pm at Jenner Diamond Jubilee Arena.

Any individuals affected by this proposed development are welcome to attend the meeting.

Darcy Ferguson, Secretary
Special Areas Subdivision and Development Appeal Board