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Special Areas Advisory Council meets with Hanna Town Council


June 22, 2018

Special Areas Advisory Council meets with Hanna Town Council, economic development projects and coal transition work highlighted.

The Special Areas Advisory Council gathered this week before the busy summer season to discuss ongoing advocacy efforts with the provincial government, local economic development projects, and the Special Areas Public Participation Policy.

In the morning, Hanna’s Town Council met with the Advisory Council to look at pressing issues in the region, potential projects on the horizon, and ongoing economic development work. The discussion centered on how to best leverage the region’s existing capabilities while finding a path forward for their respective communities. The Hanna Climate Change Taskforce was on-hand to update both Councils on the Taskforce’s work including Community Action Teams and some potential industry partnerships.

In the afternoon, the Advisory Council heard from John Englert (Alberta Transportation), Ron Middleton (Mei Environmental Consulting) and Darrell Toma (Toma & Bouma Management Consultants) on the Special Areas Water Supply Project. The Advisory Council reviewed the draft Environmental Impact Assessment report and the socio-economic analysis on potential impacts of this project. The final report is anticipated to be available this fall. On behalf of the Special Areas, Jordon Christianson thanked Mr. Englert for his years of hard work and dedication to the Special Areas Water Supply Project. A small gift recognizing his contribution to this project was presented as he is retiring from his role with Alberta Transportation at the end of this month.

The Special Areas Public Participation Policy was reviewed, with the discussion touching on the varied ways Special Areas engages with the public to gather feedback. The role of public feedback in ensuring the locally elected Advisory Council continues to provide good governance was recognized. The Public Participation Policy was recommended for approval and will be publicly available once approved by the Board.

The Special Areas Advisory Council is planning the next Advisory Council meeting this September, with the Special Areas Board meeting bi-monthly throughout the Special Areas.

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