One Year Later – Bindloss/Suffield Grassfire | Special Areas Board

One Year Later – Bindloss/Suffield Grassfire

Today marks a difficult anniversary for many in our community: one year since the Bindloss/Suffield grassfire. Although it may have happened a year ago, the impacts of this grassfire continue to be felt throughout the region and in our community. Full recovery from this event will take years, or even longer. It will be a much longer process than any of us would ever want.

On behalf of the Board, we thank those who responded to this grassfire: from community members and firefighters who answered the call to employees and volunteers who helped and gave support. Volunteer firefighters, community members, families and friends all rallied together to respond to this grassfire and over the days and weeks that followed. The dedication, persistence and care you all demonstrated is the essence of what our community is all about.

We will keep working together to measure and manage the effects of this grassfire while supporting those who continue to be impacted by this event. If you – or someone you know – would like to learn more about our recovery efforts, please reach out to our local District Offices.