2% Liquid Strychnine Available – Special Areas Board

2% Liquid Strychnine Available

2% liquid strychnine concentrate (PCP# 30433) will be available to purchase for control of Richardson’s Ground Squirrels starting March 15 to August 1, 2019 through the Special Areas Agricultural Service Boards, while supplies last.

Product will be sold in 250mL bottles of concentrate at a cost of $10.48 + GST each. One bottle will treat 1kg of grain (e.g. a 5 gallon or 12kg pail would require 12 bottles). Special Areas landowners may purchase up to one case (24 bottles) upon their first visit. If you require more, up to one additional case may be purchased two weeks later, for a maximum of two cases per farm per year.

PRE-ORDERS WILL NOT BE TAKEN. Product is sold on a first come, first serve basis. Purchases can be made at the Hanna, Oyen and Consort Special Areas offices during regular office hours.

When picking up product, the landowner must come in person prepared with the following information:
-Home quarter LLD
-LLD(s) where product will be used
-Type of field(s) to be treated (crop, forage, or pasture)
-Approximate infested area of each field type
Approximate farm size

For more information please call your local Agricultural Fieldman:
Special Areas 2 - (403) 854-5624
Special Areas 3 - (403) 664-3618
Special Areas 4 - (403) 577-3523