Extreme Dry Conditions | Special Areas Board

Extreme Dry Conditions

We are still seeing extremely dry conditions throughout the entire Special Areas. These conditions mean fires can spark from normal day-to-day activities like operating vehicles and equipment out in the field.

Please use caution when travelling in dry grassy areas when extreme fire conditions are present. Be prepared to respond: have a water extinguisher or source with you, watch for sparks and smoke, and call 911 if you do see a fire. In windy conditions small fires often become large ones very quickly, and the sooner fire departments can respond, the better.

If you have had a controlled burn in the past 14 days, take 10 minutes to check and make sure it is completely out. Many of our fires begin from old burns flaring back up in windy and dry conditions. Not sure how? Check out this quick video https://youtu.be/7blBeFsJwzA on extinguishing fires.