Community Pasture Policy Public Consultation Now Open

Community Pasture Policy Public Consultation Now Open

Meaningful public consultation is a critical part of the municipal decision-making process. Special Areas is committed to creating opportunities for meaningful public participation in municipal decisions which directly impact ratepayers.

In response to ratepayer concerns about the current Special Areas community pasture policy, the Advisory Council has created a committee to develop a new policy. This committee wants to hear from Special Areas residents about the current policy.

All phone calls and in-person meetings will be documented; however, only feedback provided through the three ways outlined below will be included in the report to the committee. No personal information will be shared in this report; however, your comments and feedback will be included.

You have until July 2, 2019 to provide formal feedback to the committee. You can provide feedback through:

-the online survey located at
-email to, or
-written response (via mail) to our Communications Officer at:
Special Areas Board
Box 820
Hanna, AB T0J 1P0
Attn: Maeghan Chostner, Communications Officer

The key principles of engagement which frame this public consultation include:

Clarity What is and what is not a part of the consultation process will be clearly outlined for the public to help them understand their role in the decision process.
Accountability Information gathered as a part of public consultation will be used by Special Areas to guide their decision-making process, including any potential amendments or changes.
Transparency Information gathered as a part of this public consultation will be documented, reviewed and shared with the public (when appropriate). Relevant information will be available through the Special Areas website.
Respectful The public consultation process will be respectful of all participant’s comments, inputs, questions and concerns. Special Areas will moderate and monitor any public forums related to the public consultation to support respectful interactions and communications by all participants.
Responsive Special Areas is committed to being accessible and responsive to stakeholder concerns, whether expressed in-person, through email, or phone.

To look at the current community pasture policy, download it here.

To learn more about public consultation in the Special Areas, check out our public consultation page.