Flare Stacks PSA – Special Areas Board

Flare Stacks PSA

Did you know flare stacks require a minimum of 100 feet between them and any combustible materials?

If sites aren't maintained with this in mind, grassfires can - and do - start from flares. The 100 feet distance requirement is outlined under the Forest Prairie & Protection Regulation (section 14).

If you see a flare stack area without the 100 feet perimeter, contact the site operator at the number posted or SAB Fire Chief Glen Durand @ 403-854-0625.

Want to learn more about industry FireSmarting? Check out the FireSmart Guidebook for Oil & Gas at https://wildfire.alberta.ca/firesmart/documents/FireSmart-Guidebook-OilAndGasIndustry-2008.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0Is7jyj8idwOXQVP_scbnnZpsxfoFc5mI2rv2PuHFv55yBIU4hFErnfYM