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An end of an era for Prairie Oasis

This September saw the end of an era at Prairie Oasis Park with the retirement of Roy & Delores Dussome.

The Dussomes have been a part of the Prairie Oasis experience since 1996. That year they took over providing campground attendant services at the park. Campground attendants are critical to making sure visitors to the park learn more about the region while understanding what campground rules are in place.

Roy and Delores have been a part of our Special Areas parks team for over 25 years. They have cared for Prairie Oasis with diligence and vigilance. More than one camper can remember being reminded of the “no parking on the grass” rule. Being a campground attendant can be very difficult, but Roy and Delores always tried to be fair and helpful. They took great pride in the park and were instrumental in building Prairie Oasis into the “oasis” in the Special Areas it is today. Their legacy of caring will be enjoyed by generations of campers to come.”.

John Armstrong, Parks Supervisor

Prairie Oasis Park first began operating in the late 1980s and has since became a major destination and summer attraction for visitors and residents alike. The park today includes over 100 serviced campsites, as well as a well-developed day use area including a beach, docks, marina, concession & store.

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