Public Consultation

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Special Areas recognizes the value of public consultation as part of the municipal decision-making process and is committed to creating opportunities for meaningful public participation in municipal decisions that directly impact the public. We’re all neighbours, and all need to have a say on issues that affect those of us who live and work in the Special Areas.


Maeghan Chostner, Communications Officer

Public Participation Policy

We recognize that good governance includes engaging with municipal stakeholders by:

  • creating opportunities for people who will be affected by a decision to influence the decision
  • promoting sustainable decisions by recognizing various stakeholder interests
  • providing stakeholders with the appropriate information and tools to engage in meaningful participation
  • facilitating public participation for matters beyond those where public input is statutorily required to enrich the municipal decision-making process


The key principles of engagement that frame public consultation in the Special Areas are:

  • Clarity: what is and what is not a part of the consultation process will be clearly outlined to help people understand the decision-making process
  • Accountability: the information gathered as part of public consultations will be used to guide the municipal decision-making process
  • Transparency: the information gathered as part of public consultations will be documented, reviewed, and shared with the public when appropriate
  • Respectful: the process will be based on respectful interactions and communications by all participants
  • Responsive: we are committed to being accessible and responsive to concerns


Special Areas Public Participation Policy

Current Public Consultations

2021 Ratepayer Meetings

Special Areas is currently engaging with ratepayers online instead of through in-person meetings in recognition of public health restrictions. Annual ratepayer information and reporting will be available online on our Ratepayer Meeting page.


Ratepayers are invited to share feedback, including any specific issues or concerns, with the Advisory Council or administration.