Maps & Apps


Click here to download a map of Special Areas. We’re also offering the same information that our iOS app has on the interactive website.

Special Areas Subdivisions Map

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the maps. 
Click here to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Map books are available from each of the District Offices:
Consort: 403-577-3523
Hanna: 403-854-5625
Oyen: 403-664-3618

Special Areas Searches

Requests can be forwarded to there will be a $3.00 + GST charge for each parcel. Special Areas also offers a web disposition search account that can be set up. The client can then do their own searches and be billed automatically. For more information please contact the Hanna District Office at 403-854-5625.

Road Maps


Our apps are currently available for the Apple iPhone and Google Android-powered smart phones (Android 4.2 or higher is required). While the apps will work on iPads and Android tablets, very little testing has been done for these devices and the quality of the experience on tablets may vary. The app should work on some iPod Touches connected to Wi-Fi, although this has not been tested and any issues affecting only iPods will not be attended to.

Special Areas employees, please note that the sign-in feature is currently on available on the iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) version of the app.