Rates in Effect


Road Program

Culverts (Used) - price per foot plus GST:

Size Price
18"-500mm $4.00
24"-600mm $4.76
36"-900mm $8.68
48"-1,200mm $11.55
Grader BladesUsed $1.00 each + GST
Road Oil Past Residence (dust control)$3.00/linear foot
Snowplowing$50/hr; $25.00 minimum + GST

Gravel Sales:

Per m3Per yd.3Per Tonne
Crushed (Resident)$11.00$8.41$6.74
Crushed (Industrial)$15.00$11.47$9.19
Reject (SA2/3)$3.25$2.48$1.99
Reject (SA4)$4.00$3.06$2.45
Pit Run: SA 2/3$7.44$5.69$4.56
Pit Run: SA4$8.19$6.26$5.02
Sand (SA 2/3)$7.44$5.69$4.56
Sand (SA4)$8.19$6.26$5.02
Rip Rap - 4" to 8"$68.53$52.40$42.00
Rip Rap - 8" to 14"$78.33$59.89$48.00
Rip Rap - 14" and up$91.38$69.87$56.00

Road Widening for Construction

(Avg. $23,000 Assessment per 1/4 of C.L.)

a) Crop Loss - 3x assessment per acre with a minimum of $250.00/acre
b) Land Purchase - 10x assessment per acre with a minimum of $1500.00/acre

Fire Fighting (Fire Department)

- $25.00/hr

Development Permits

- $50.00

Water Rates:

Potable Water$ 3.35/m3
Truck Fills$ 4.00/m3
Minimum Usage (10 m3)$38.50/month
Minimum Usage (16 m3) for Henry Kroeger Rural Only$52.00/month
Over the Maximum Charge (OVER 30 m3)$3.85/m3
Disconnect/Reconnect ChargesDisconnect/Reconnect Charges (HK Line)$60.00 each/$120.00 (cost recovery)

Connection Fees

Hamlet$2,000.00 per lot
Henry Kroeger/Acadia Valley**$4,900.00
2nd 1/2 gallon/minute$2,100.00
Each additional gallon$7,000.00
Long term suspended service fee (HK only)$100.00/year
Hanna East*$11,000.00
Shirley McClellan*$6,000.00

*Includes 1/2 gallon per minute plus meter vault & installation
**Includes deposit that is forwarded to HKRWSC for the 1/2 gallon per minute. HKRWSC directly charges the remainder of the cost to the customer

Deposits required for new installation hook-up charge (required prior to work commencing)


Contact the Special Areas Youngstown Office (403) 779-3733 or review the Board's policies related to development of water distribution systemsfor further information.

Camping Fees for Special Areas Municipal Parks

Prairie Oasis Park Camping Fees$/unit/night
Tenting Only$25.00/unit/night
Regular Site (Power/Water)$35.00/unit/night ($30/night second unit, $25/night third unit)
Small Group Sites (2 units/min. fee)$35.00/unit/night (min. charge of $70.00/night)
Large Group Site - Camp Kitchen (10+ units - flat rate)$350.00/night
Large Group Site - Bullpound Loop (15+ units - flat rate)$420.00/night
Overflow Sites (Power/Water)$30.00/unit/night
Blood Indian Park Camping Fees$/unit/night
Random Camping (No Service)$20/unit/night
Serviced Sites (Power/Water & Power/Water/Sewer)$35.00/unit/night
($30/night - second unit, $25/night - third unit)
Carolside Camping Fees$/unit/night
Random Camping (No Service)$20.00/unit/night

Land Administration

Locating Services (Survey) - * locating services completed for ratepayers by the SAB Survey department. These are NOT official ALS services.

Locating services are offered for ratepayers in the Special Areas, with the following equipment typically used for these services.

-Special Areas vehicle(s) - truck & prowler
-Topcon Hyper V (GPS) with Tesla data collector
-Sokkia Set 5X Total Station
-Schonstedt metal detector

Fence Line Locating - $250.00/half mile ($250.00 minimum charge)
Line Locating in Hamlet - $250.00/request

Insecticide Spraying EquipmentMinimum charge $50/day + GST
Spraying Noxious Weeds4 hours @ no charge, anything over 4 hours $30/hour/person + 100% chemical unless fieldman recommends project designation
Hopper Stopper Bran Applicator$25/day minimum + GST
Fabric LayerNo Charge
Tree PlanterNo Charge
Skunk Traps$150 Deposit (refundable on return)
Magpie Traps$150 Deposit (refundable on return)
Tag Reader$100 Deposit (refundable on return)
Caution: Cattle Moving Signs$150.00 Deposit (refundable on return)
Coyote Calls$25 for second & subsequent calls by Ag. Fieldmen + GST
Water Pumping$750/day:$75/hr + GST
Water Line Plow and Pipe Fuserfor up to 2″ or 3″ pipe
Pipe Plow (small)$150/day + GST
Pipe Plow (large)$250/day + GST
Fusing (employee assisted)$35/fuse + GST

Mineral Surface Leases

 Per Acre Gen DistPer Acre Ann. RentPer Application Admin.Amendment Fee
Grazing Lease or Permits$90.00$50.00 $100.00 Plus
$25.00 Application Fee
$125.00 Application Filing Fee
Public Land in a Community Pasture$150.00$300.00 $150.00 Plus
$25.00 Application Fee
$125.00 Application Filing Fee
Cultivation Lease or permit, Irrigation Lease$90.00$100.00$100.00 Plus
$25.00 Application Fee
$125.00 Application Filing Fee

Right-of-Way Dispositions / Pipelines

 Crown Lands held under Grazing Lease or Cultivation Lease
(Occupied Crown Land)
Crown Lands held under Community Pasture, Grazing Permit, Cultivation Permit, etc.
(Vacant Crown Land)
Application Fee$25.00 $25.00
Digital Filing Fee$125.00 $125.00
Consideration (Land Value)$650.00/acre
minimum $100.00
minimum $100.00
Temporary Workspace$100.00/acre
minimum $100.00
minimum $100.00

Penalties - Per Diem Basis

a) Grazing Lease & Cultivation Lease Rentals - 10% after December 31
b) Unpaid Taxes - 12% after November 15
c) Tax Recovery Land Sales I & II - 12% after due date on annual payments only
Tax Recovery Land Sale III - 10% after due date on annual payments only

Cemetery Plots - $5.00/plot + GST

Community Pasture Rates [ M.O. # MSD:029/21 ]

-Cattle (including bulls and yearlings) $0.90 per head per day
-Calves admitted with dam or born in a community pasture $8.00 per calf to October 31
-Deposit rate - $2.00 per head

Grass Seed for Regrassing Permits - Only 50% of cost for grass seed including reseeds:
- max $25.00/acre (not to exceed SA seeding rates).

Hamlet Lots - 1 x assessment value + GST

Tax Certificates - $10.00/certificate


Fax – Sending$2.00 per page + GST
Fax – ReceivingNo Charge
[If toll charges exceed the above flat rate then the following charges apply: Sending (long distance)Toll charge of call plus $1.00 per page.]
Maps$25.00 (GST Included)
Map Books$40.00 (GST Included)
PhotocopiesFirst Page $1.00 + GST
Each Additional Page$0.25 / copy + GST
Picnic Tables$5.00/table plus damages (non-refundable)
Searches$3.00 per legal + GST
Shape File$5.00 per legal + GST
Special Areas Pins$0.65 each + GST
Special Areas Books (soft cover)$12.00 + GST
Special Areas Caps (Leather)$21.95 + GST
Special Areas Caps (Cotton)$8.00 + GST
Contact any Special Areas District Office for further information.