Rates in Effect


Road Program

Culverts (Used) - price per foot plus GST:

Size   Price
12" -300mm $3.33
15" -400mm $3.20
18" -500mm $4.00
24" -600mm $4.76
30" -800mm $7.73
36" -900mm $8.68
48" -1,200mm $11.55
Grader Blades Used $1.00 each + GST
Road Oil Past Residence (dust control) $3.00/linear foot
Snowplowing $50/hr; $25.00 minimum + GST

Gravel Sales:

Crushed (Resident) $11.00/cubic meter + GST
Crushed (Industrial) $15.00/cubic meter + GST
Reject $2.50/cubic meter + GST
Pit Run:
SA2 & SA3:
Purchaser Reclaims $2.50/cubic meter + GST
Pit Owner Reclaims $3.25/cubic meter + GST
Purchaser Reclaims $3.25/cubic meter + GST
Pit Owner Reclaims $4.00/cubic meter + GST
Rock $4.00/cubic meter + GST
Sand $0.50/cubic meter + GST

Road Widening for Construction

(Avg. $23,000 Assessment per 1/4 of C.L.)

a) Crop Loss - 2.5 x assessment per acre with a minimum of $250.00/acre
b) Land Purchase - 8 x assessment per acre with a minimum of $1000.00/acre

Fire Fighting (Fire Department)

- $25.00/hr

Development Permits

- $50.00

Water Rates:

Potable Water $ 3.25/m3
Truck Fills $ 3.75/m3
Minimum Usage (10 m3) $32.50/month
Minimum Usage (16 m3) for Henry Kroeger Rural Only $52.00/month
Over the Maximum Charge (OVER 30 m3) $3.75/m3
Disconnect/Reconnect ChargesDisconnect/Reconnect Charges (HK Line) $60.00 each$120.00 (cost recovery)

Connection Fees

Hamlet $2,000.00 per lot
Hanna East* $11,000.00
Shirley McClellan* $6,000.00
Cessford/Wardlow* $7,200.00
Henry Kroeger/Acadia Valley** $4,900.00
2nd 1/2 gallon/minute $2,100.00
Each additional gallon $7,000.00

*Includes 1/2 gallon per minute plus meter vault & installation
**Includes deposit that is forwarded to HKRWSC for the 1/2 gallon per minute. HKRWSC directly charges the remainder of the cost to the customer

Deposits required for new installation hook-up charge (required prior to work commencing)

Hamlets $2,000.00
Rural/Commercial $4,900.00

Contact the Special Areas Youngstown Office (403) 779-3733 or review the Board's policies related to development of water distribution systemsfor further information.

Land Administration

Insecticide Spraying Equipment Minimum charge $50/day + GST
Spraying Noxious Weeds 4 hours @ no charge, anything over 4 hours $30/hour/person + 100% chemical unless fieldman recommends project designation
Hopper Stopper Bran Applicator $25/day minimum + GST
No Till Drill $5/acre + GST – $100 minimum charge
Grasshopper Control $20.00 per linear mile of Road Allowance sprayed (one side)
Fabric Layer No Charge
Tree Planter No Charge
Skunk Traps $150 Deposit (refundable on return)
Magpie Traps $150 Deposit (refundable on return)
Tag Read $100 Deposit (refundable on return)
Coyote Calls $25 for second & subsequent calls by Ag. Fieldmen + GST
Water Pumping $750/day:$75/hr + GST
Water Line Plow and Pipe Fuser for up to 2″ or 3″ pipe
Pipe Plow (small) $150/day + GST
Pipe Plow (large) $250/day + GST
Fusing (employee assisted) $35/fuse + GST

Mineral Surface Leases

  Per Acre Gen Dist Per Acre Ann. Rent Per Application Admin. Amendment Fee
Grazing Lease or Permits $90.00 $50.00 $100.00 Plus
$25.00 Application Fee
$125.00 Application Filing Fee
Public Land in a Community Pasture $150.00 $300.00 $150.00 Plus
$25.00 Application Fee
$125.00 Application Filing Fee
Cultivation Lease or permit, Irrigation Lease $90.00 $100.00 $100.00 Plus
$25.00 Application Fee
$125.00 Application Filing Fee


Right-of-Way Dispositions / Pipelines

  Crown Lands held under Grazing Lease or Cultivation Lease
(Occupied Crown Land)
Crown Lands held under Community Pasture, Grazing Permit, Cultivation Permit, etc.
(Vacant Crown Land)
Application Fee $25.00 $25.00
Digital Filing Fee $125.00 $125.00
Consideration (Land Value) $650.00/acre
minimum $100.00
minimum $100.00
Temporary Workspace $100.00/acre
minimum $100.00
minimum $100.00

Penalties - Per Diem Basis

a) Grazing Lease & Cultivation Lease Rentals - 10% after December 31
b) Unpaid Taxes - 12% after November 15
c) Tax Recovery Land Sales I & II - 12% after due date on annual payments only
Tax Recovery Land Sale III - 10% after due date on annual payments only

Cemetery Plots - $5.00/plot + GST

Community Pasture Rates [ M.O. # MSL:029/17 ]

-$0.69/day/yearling and bulls

Grass Seed for Regrassing Permits - Only 50% of cost for grass seed including reseeds:
- max $25.00/acre (not to exceed SA seeding rates).

Hamlet Lots - 1 x assessment value + GST

Tax Certificates - $10.00/certificate


Fax – Sending $2.00 per page + GST
Fax – Receiving No Charge
[If toll charges exceed the above flat rate then the following charges apply: Sending (long distance) Toll charge of call plus $1.00 per page.]
Maps $25.00 (GST Included)
Map Books $40.00 (GST Included)
Photocopies First Page $1.00 + GST
Each Additional Page $0.25 / copy + GST
Picnic Tables $5.00/table plus damages (non-refundable)
Searches $3.00 per legal + GST
Shape File $5.00 per legal + GST
Special Areas Pins $0.65 each + GST
Special Areas Books (soft cover) $12.00 + GST
Special Areas Caps (Leather) $21.95 + GST
Special Areas Caps (Cotton) $8.00 + GST
Contact any Special Areas District Office for further information.