Living in the Special Areas

We are proud of our close knit communities and their residents.  We are also proud of what the Special Areas has to offer.  Those who enjoy opportunity but at a slower pace of life, open spaces and the outdoors will all feel at home in the Special Areas.

Special Areas is a great alternative for those looking for a change from the hectic pace and crowds of city life. Special Areas is more than agriculture as there are plenty of opportunities to explore the area’s cultural history, enjoy the many recreational opportunities and browse through the many locally owned shops.

As a service provider, Special Areas Board provides a diverse set of services to the residents of this area. It is responsible for municipal services, much the same as other municipalities in the Province, but it also acts as the manager for public lands (roughly 2.6 million acres) in the Special Areas.

Municipal services include the maintenance of over 6,000km of local roads, operation of recreational parks, provision of emergency services and the delivery of water services to hamlets and rural users.

As well, the Special Areas Board also administers approximately 2.6 million acres of public land within the area. These lands are leased to local interests for grazing and cultivation purposes, as well as for oil and gas interests. Included in this are roughly 175,000 acres of Crown Lands that are administered as Community Pastures.

Special Areas offers opportunity for business, education, recreation and an outstanding quality of life.