Agriculture Fieldman

Jesse Williams, Ag. Fieldman - Special Areas 2
Jesse, originally from the Brooks area, moved to the Bullpound Flat south of Hanna to ranch with her husband. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Botany from the University of Calgary and has since been working in the  agriculture chemical industry and research associations. She enjoys working within the Special Areas and to meeting lots of new faces.  Jesse became the Fieldman for Special Area No. 2 in 2015.

Don Hogan, Ag. Fieldman - Special Areas 3
Don was born and raised on the family farm just west of Oyen, where he helped with daily operations on the farm with cattle and grain, and still does today.   He also attended school from K to 12 in Oyen.  He started with Special Areas in 2009 in the carpentry shop at the Youngstown Service Centre, then moved to the parks department in 2011 working under John Armstrong.  In 2016 Don became the Fieldman for Special Area No. 3.

Justine Comeau (Simpson), Ag. Fieldman - Special Areas 4
Justine grew up on her family's ranch Northeast of Sedalia. Coming home on weekends to help her parents with the ranch, she balanced her scholastic endeavors with working on the farm as well as competing in rodeo up until her graduation. She graduated in 2013 from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science Degree. After 3 seasons as a summer assistant to the Ag. Department for Special Areas, Justine became a Fieldman for Special Areas 2 in 2014 and transferred to Special Areas 4 in 2015.