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Special Areas Board has equipment available for a nominal fee, to assist producers in obtaining water for domestic, livestock or agricultural purposes. This will assist producers to have the permanent capability of transferring water from an existing source to the necessary destination.

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Youngstown Service Centre
Phone: (403) 779-3733 Toll Free @ 310-0000
Address: 404 - 2nd Avenue NE,
Box 67  Youngstown, AB  T0J 3P0

$75.00/hour pumping time & GST;
$750.00/day rental of unit & GST plus any damages to equipment

2—1000 RPM PTO pumps
1—540 RPM PTO pump
3 Trailers with 3/4 of a mile of pipe each
2—20 HP 3 inch Pumps with 3/4 of a mile of discharge
Contact our Youngstown office for Water Pump Rentals.
To call toll free use the RITE number 310-0000, then (403) 779-3733.

Special Area No. 2 - Hanna
Phone: (403) 854-5600
Address: 212-2nd Ave West, Box 820  Hanna, AB   T0J 1P0

Special Area No. 3 - Oyen
Phone: (403) 664-3618?
Address: 319 Main Street, Box 30 Oyen, AB   T0J 2J0

Special Area No. 4 - Consort
Phone: (403) 577-3523
Address: 4916 - 50th Street, Box 220 Consort, AB  T0C 1B0

All numbers are Toll Free @ 310-0000

$250/day & GST
(includes delivery and pick up of pipe plow, instruction on use, fusing of joints will be done by Agricultural Fieldman)

The pipe plow is designed to install pipe at depths from 3 to 16 inches. This machine will install pipe up to 2 and 3 inches in diameter.

Remember to please call Alberta 1 Call at 1-800-242-3447 before installing pipe.


Minimum Tractor Requirements:

  • 150 HP front wheel assist
  • Pipe is laid at approximately 1 mile to 1.5 miles per hour
  • Total installation, including fusing - 1 mile of pipe every 2 hours

Special Areas does not sell/supply pipe. It is available through gas co-ops.

Dry County Gas Co-op-Oyen 403-664-3646
East Central Gas Co-op-Hanna 403-854-4411

Note: A temporary diversion license is usually required to divert water from a public source (crown water body). Applicants are encouraged to contact Alberta Environment for information on obtaining licenses.

Environmental Information Centre
Toll Free 310-0000
(780) 427-2700

Check out:

Special Areas District Offices have other helpful information that is available:

Are you thinking of drilling a well?

You can find information on well details by Legal Description ie. Drilling Depth, Completion Aquifer etc. is available on our website at Land Management/Rural Water Quality Information Tool—Information regarding Rural Water Quality Information Tool. If you do not have internet access any of our District Office staff would be happy to get this information for you.

Are you looking for a Water Grant? Drilling a Well? Dugout (runoff filled)? Developing a Dam? Spring Developments? Developing a Water Source for Crop Irrigation?

You can find details at; under “Programs”  select the appropriate Application.

Quality Farm Dugouts — improving your water quality.

Water Wells...that last for generations — information on sustaining and maintaining your well.

Alberta Agriculture Water Pumping Program — general information.

  • NEW! Special Areas has Gallagher Tag Readers available for a $100 refundable deposit
  • Ask about Special Areas Water Development Credit on Lease Land

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Agriculture and Rural Development (1-866-882-7677)

Chinook Applied Research Association —
CARA has a number of applied research demonstrations and extension projects. For further information contact CARA at 403-664-3777.