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Special Area No.2

Alberta’s Special Areas is a unique rural municipal area covering approximately 2.1 million hectares in southeastern part of the province. Nestled in the Canadian Badlands, Special Areas No. 2 stretches from the Red Deer River area to Sullivan Lake with the district office based out of the Town of Hanna and has a distinctive history that has created a strong foundation for growth and sustainability of the region. Deep badlands, soft coulees and rolling river hills and expansive plains provide the setting for family farms, enchanting hamlets, captivating events and a growing entrepreneurial spirit. Special Areas No. 2 encourages innovative ideas to enhance and maintain a quality of life for all residents of the area.

Special Areas No. 2 is:

-Supporting and facilitating the creation of wireless high-speed internet network available throughout the region.
-A member of Cactus Corridor which works in conjunction with the Village of Youngstown and the Town of Hanna to promote economic development for all of its members.
-A member of the Canadian Badlands Ltd. and Alberta’s Special Areas. A member of the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services Commission.
-Located within Special Areas No. 2 are: Bindloss, Buffalo, Cavendish, Cessford, Dorothy, Empress, Hanna, Iddesleigh, Jenner, Pollockville, Rose Lynn, Scapa, Scotfield, Sheerness, Spondin, Stanmore, Sunnynook, Richdale, Wardlow, Watts.
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Special Area No.3

Special Areas No. 3 is a rural municipality with a number of hamlets, surrounds the Town of Oyen and has a strong agricultural economy, successful petroleum industry and a growing tourism industry. Many small businesses flourish in the district and access the world using technology. Special Areas No. 3 encourages innovative ideas to enhance and facilitate a great business environment for residents and continues to build recreational opportunities throughout the area.

Special Areas No. 3 is:

-Supporting and facilitating the creation of wireless high-speed internet network available throughout the region.
-A member of SAMDA Economic Partnership which works in conjunction with the MD of Acadia No. 34, Village of Empress, and Town of Oyen to promote economic development for all of its members. A member of the Canadian Badlands Ltd. and Alberta’s Special Area.
-A member of the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services Commission.
-Special Areas No. 3 is located in southeastern Alberta and is governed by the Special Areas Board. This rural municipality encompasses the communities of Benton, Cereal, Chinook, Esther, Excel, Lanfine, Oyen, Sedalia, Sibbald, New Brigden and Youngstown.This unique municipality is located within the SAMDA (Special Areas and MD of Acadia No. 34) region and shares governance with Special Areas No. 2 and Special Areas No. 4.
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Special Area No.4

Special Area No. 4 is within the SAMDA region, surrounding the Village of Consort, is largely agricultural, boasting vibrant industrial and a strong service sector. Retail and administration sectors anchor the communities within the Special Areas and present opportunities for growth. New technologies greatly improve business opportunities making the combined rural lifestyle and job of choice difficult to resist. As a community within the Canadian Badlands, we boast prospects for tourism entrepreneurs. The Canadian Badlands is a destination choice of hundreds of thousands of tourists each year and is growing. Other key advantages of living and doing business in our community include the rural lifestyle, growth sector opportunities – e-commerce/remote workplace/tourism, a great location with good highway access, and a supportive municipal government.

-Special Areas No.4 is located within the SAMDA (Special Areas and MD of Acadia No. 34) region and shares governance with Special Areas No. 2 and Special Areas No. 3.
-This rural municipality encompasses the Hamlets of Loyalist, Hemaruka, Monitor, Compeer, Altario and Kirriemuir, and the Villages of Consort and Veteran.
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Special Areas No. 2

Buffalo Community Hall403-379-2122
Bindloss Community Hall403-379-2199
Empress Community Centre403-656-2202
Meadowlands Mutual Recreation Centre403-665-2029
Spondin Community Centre403-854-2210
East Coulee Community Hall403-822-2149
Homestead Coulee403-822-2109
Pollockville Hardgrass Hub403-779-2431
Royal Canadian Legion - Hanna403-854-3673
Red Rose403-854-4852
Social Plains403-379-2237

Special Areas No. 3

New Brigden Community Hall403-664-2244
Sibbald Community Hall403-676-3966
Sedalia Community Hall403-326-2157
Chinook Community Club403-326-3745
Lanfine Community Hall 403-664-1147
Cereal Community Hall 403-326-3731
Esther Community Hall403-664-2040
Cappon Community Club403-664-2120
Big Stone Community Hall403-779-0007
Youngstown Community Hall 403-779-3854
Royal Canadian Legion - Oyen 403-664-2211

Special Areas No. 4

Compeer Community Center403-552-3830
Consort Sportex403-577-3623
Altario Community Society 780-753-4066
Monitor Community Club403-577-2096
Kirriemuir Community Association 403-552-3786
Veteran 403-575-3954
Hemaruka Hall Association403-575-2114

The role of the FCSS is to enhance, strengthen and stabilize family and community life. It actively promotes and encourages cooperation and coordination with other agencies in the community, volunteerism, youth and senior out reach.

Consort & District FCSS 403-577-3011

Hanna FCSS 403-854-4433

Oyen & District FCSS 403-664-2255

Community and Municipal libraries in the Special Areas are served by the Marigold Library System.

Berry Creek Community Library 403-566-3743
Cereal Municipal Library 403-326-3883
Consort Municipal Library 403-577-2501
Empress Municipal Library 403-565-3936
Hanna Municipal Library 403-854-3865
Oyen Municipal Library 403-664-3580
Veteran Municipal Library 403-575-3915
Youngstown Library 403-779-3864

The following are Paper Back Deposit locations:

Altario- Altario School 403-552-2261
Buffalo- Community Hall 403-379-2405
Homestead Coulee – Community Hall 403-566-2117
Jenner- Post Office 403-898-2435
New Brigden – Curling Rink 403-664-2381
Sibbald Community Hall 403-676-2167


University of Alberta
University of Calgary
University of Lethbridge
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Olds College


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