Community and Municipal libraries in the Special Areas are served by the Marigold Library System.

Berry Creek Community Library 403-566-3743
Hanna Municipal Library 403-854-3865
Youngstown Library 403-779-3864
Cereal Municipal Library 403-326-3883
Oyen Municipal Library 403-664-3580
Empress Municipal Library 403-565-3936
Consort Municipal Library 403-577-2501
Veteran Municipal Library 403-575-3915


The following are Paper Back Deposit locations.
Altario- Altario School 403-552-2261
Buffalo- Community Hall 403-379-2405
Homestead Coulee – Community Hall 403-566-2117
Jenner- Jenner Post Office and Jenner Hotel 403-898-2435
New Brigden – Curling Rink 403-664-2381
Sibbald Community Hall 403-676-2167