Roads and Streets

Roads and streets are fundamental to the quality of life and economic well-being in the Special Areas.  Changing traffic patterns and loadings, rail line abandonment, and continuing oil and gas development necessitates ongoing strategy adjustments. The Special Areas Board maintains over 6300 km of transportation infrastructure servicing over 5 million acres and almost 4200 residents.

Provincials Highways1,481 kms
Local Roads5,925 kms
Graveled Roads4,022 kms
Graded Roads (Trails)1,644 kms
Oiled Roads200 kms
Based Roads41 kms
Paved Approach, access and park road18 kms
Undeveloped Road Allowances12,802 kms
Rural Addressing Information
Current Road Bans
Gravel Requests
Dust Abatement
Texas Gates
Snowplowing on Private Roads
Road Construction & Maintenance