Big Country Waste Management Commission

The Big Country Waste Management Commission provides services to approximately 10,600 people over 5,000,000 acres. Waste is collected at 28 waste transfer stations, including 22 rural stations and 6 stations located in towns and villages. Waste is transported from these transfer stations to the Youngstown Regional Landfill for disposal.

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The Big Country Waste Management Commission is comprised of 9 member municipalities, each with a representative who sits on the Commission. Current representatives and contact information are:

MunicipalityRepresentativeContact Information
Town of HannaGerald Campion403-854-4433
Town of OyenJames Walker403-664-8351
Village of CerealCrystal Anderson403-326-3823
Village of ConsortMichael Beier403-575-4055
Village of EmpressChad VanDam403-565-3938
Village of Veteran Jerry Wipf403-575-1378
Village of YoungstownRobert Blagen403-779-3873
M.D. of Acadia No. 34Aaran Skappak403-664-0405
Special Area No. 2Kevin Bossert403-854-6277
Special Area No. 3Kevin Wilson403-664-3618
Special Area No. 4Robert Worobo403-577-3523

The Big Country Waste Management Commission has an Executive elected annually from the representatives. The Executive is currently comprised of:

ChairmanGerald Campion
Vice-ChairmanRobert Blagen
Secretary-TreasurerKevin Wilson
Kevin Bossert

Waste Management Handout

Expanding Our Horizon

Youngstown Regional Landfill


Demolition of Municipality
Owned Buildings (As approved by Operations Manager)
Household Waste (and mixed Demolition)(Local) No Charge
(Out of Area) $70.00/tonne
Clean Burnable WoodNo Charge
$25.00/hour minimum for litter pick-up
Deep freezers, air conditioners, refrigerators, capacitors$15.00 per unit (Freon Removal Charge)
D973 Track Loader$200.00/hour
Small Bobcat$105.00/hour
996 K Wheel Loader$200.00/hour
1 Ton$64.00/hour
3/4 Ton$60.00/hour
Tandem Truck with Live Bottom Trailer$180.00/hour + $40.00 = $220.00/hour

*Any Demolition and Construction waste loads delivered to any waste transfer stations will be billed to the appropriate company.


-Hazardous Waste - chemicals, etc. as defined in the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) and Waste Control Regulation. For more information, go to
- Burning barrels or residues
- Containers of any sort containing ANY FLUID (including wastewater, sludge, sewage, etc.)
- Motor oil or undrained filters

Materials accepted BY APPOINTMENT ONLY:
- Asbestos
- Bio-medical waste

- Pesticide containers (must be empty)
- Appliances with Freon (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.)
- Additional Restrictions:
- Burn pit can receive uncontaminated wood only (asphalt shingles, creosoted or painted wood MUST go to the main pit)
- No smoking on site.
- All vehicles must be weighed in and out.


Waste Transfer Stations




- Do not place garbage at front of site.
- No hazardous waste - asbestos, bio-medical waste, chemicals, etc. as defined in the Act are strictly prohibited.
- No burning barrels or residues.
- No dead animals.
- No motor oil, undrained filters, or cooking oil.
- No pesticide containers - empty boxes only.
- No deep freezers, air conditioners or refrigerators or any white goods.
- No batteries.
- NO ASPHALT SHINGLES - must be taken to Youngstown Landfill Site.
- No loads of dirt, waste, gravel, concrete or rocks, sewage, sludge or grain dust.
- No jugs, containers or barrels with any substance in them.
- No smoking on site.
- No loads of wood and demolition materials, (concrete and shingles in particular).
- Four feet maximum length - small amounts only! No pallets or pieces of demolition larger than 4 feet by 2 feet.
- NO tires in site. ALL TIRES must be taken to Consort, Oyen, Youngstown or Hanna recycling areas.
- Silage plastic should be tied in a large knot.
- Wire fencing – wire that is rolled and tied and no larger than 2 feet in diameter and in quantities not exceeding four rolls may be accepted.
- Transfer stations are not designed to accept loads from large dump trucks or trailers.
- All loose, blowable material must be bagged before disposal at transfer station or landfill.
- Gates must be CLOSED.

For more information contact the Landfill Manager at 403-779-3890.


Dry Waste Sites are located at the Hanna, Oyen, Consort, Empress, Veteran, Monitor, Cessford, Wardlow and Youngstown waste transfer stations.

Recycling Materials Collection Adjustments


We regret to inform the communities that as of mid-June 2014, we will no longer be collecting tin and glass at the recycle sites.

There has long been little or no market for these commodities and collection and storage is growing to be a costly and unsightly problem.

We believe that focusing on more cost effective and environmentally sound handling of the commodities that we can more reasonably market and move will increase volumes and opportunities and reduce costs to the taxpayer.

The Commission will continue to provide opportunities at select sites (the same ones currently utilized) for the following commodities to be diverted from the landfill:
- Cardboard - Hanna, Oyen, Consort, Veteran
- Paper (Sorted Office Waste and Newsprint) - Hanna, Oyen, Consort, Veteran
- Tires - Hanna, Oyen, Consort, MD of Acadia, Monitor, Youngstown Landfill, Cessford, Empress, Wardlow, Veteran
- Electronics - Hanna, Oyen, Consort, MD of Acadia
- Paint and containers - Hanna, Oyen, Consort, MD of Acadia
- Scrap metal - Hanna, Oyen, Consort, MD of Acadia, Monitor, Youngstown Landfill, Cessford, Empress, Wardlow, Veteran
- Appliances (stoves, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, etc.) - Hanna, Oyen, Consort, MD of Acadia, Monitor, Youngstown Landfill, Cessford, Empress, Wardlow, Veteran
- Fridges - Hanna, Oyen, Consort, MD of Acadia, Monitor, Youngstown Landfill, Cessford, Empress, Wardlow, Veteran
- Compostable materials - Hanna only at this time
- Unpainted, untreated wood, trees and brush - Hanna, Oyen, Consort, MD of Acadia, Monitor, Youngstown, Landfill, Cessford, Empress, Wardlow, Veteran

We hope to provide expanded opportunities for some commodities in some communities in the near future.

Your comments and input will be appreciated through the Big Country Regional Recycle Society or the Commission.

Thanks to all who have faithfully cooperated in the past and we are trusting for your continued cooperation as we make these adjustments.