Water Services

The Special Areas Board maintains and monitors water distribution lines, water treatment plants and truck fills in the Special Areas.  For more information please contact the Technical Services Supervisor at the Youngstown Service Center (403) 779-3733.

In case of an emergency, call 1-844-WATER-02 (1-844-928-3702).

Water Emergency

Waterline Utility ServicesHamlets & Rural Water DevelopmentTruck Fills

Please contact your district office for information on receiving water services.

Water utility charges are based on a monthly metered amount and billed monthly to the water services agreement holder. Meters are installed and maintained by the Special Areas Board. More information on meters is available here: ProductSheet-E-coder-water-meter.

The Special Areas Board supports rural water line development within the Special Areas from established sources. For more information on current rates, please visit our Rates in Effect page.

Please contact your district office for further information or visit our policies page for copies of current policies.

The Special Areas Board maintains truck fill locations throughout the Special Areas, providing both potable and non-potable water. Potable truck fill locations are available for residential and agricultural use and non-potable truck fill locations are available for agricultural use only.

The Special Areas has added cash cards to some of the water stations. To purchase or add credit to your cash card, go to any District Office or the Youngstown Service Center.