Election Day is October 16, 2017


Unofficial Results:

Subdivision 2-1 - Kevin Bossert
Subdivision 4-2 - Barry Redel
Subdivision 4-3 - Douglas Noble

Official results will be released on Friday, October 20, 2017.


All candidates running for election were provided the opportunity to share their thoughts, and all submissions which were received are posted here.

If you want to learn more about a specific candidate, or their positions, we recommend you contact them directly to learn more ahead of Election Day.


Subdivison First Name-Last Name Acclaimed (Yes/No) Incumbent (Yes/No)
2-1 Kevin Bossert No No
2-1 Bob Gainer No Yes
2-2 Neal Roes Yes Yes
2-3 Brad Slorstad Yes Yes
2-4 Brent Horner Yes Yes
2-5 James Madge Yes Yes
2-7 Daryl Swenson Yes Yes
2-8 Brad Osadczuk Yes Yes
3-4 Travis Foot Yes Yes
3-5 Samuel Shadlock Yes No
3-6 Kevin Wilson Yes Yes
4-1 Graham Schetzsle Yes No
4-2 Robert Kropinske No No
4-2 Barry Redel No No
4-3 Corey Doneff No No
4-3 Douglas Noble No No