Public Consultation in the Special Areas

The Special Areas Board recognizes the value of public consultation as a part of the municipal decision-making process and is committed to creating opportunities for meaningful public participation in municipal decisions that directly impact the public.

The Special Areas Board recognizes good governance includes engaging with Municipal Stakeholders through:

-Creating opportunities for those individuals who would be affected by a decision to influence the decision;
-Promoting sustainable decisions by recognizing various stakeholder interests;
-Providing stakeholders with the appropriate information and tools to engage in meaningful participation; and
-Facilitating public participation for matters beyond those where public input is statutorily required to enrich the municipal decision-making process.

The key principles of engagement which frame public consultation in the Special Areas are:

-Clarity - what is and what is not a part of the consultation process will be clearly outlined to help understand the decision-making process
-Accountability - the information gathered as a part of public consultations will be used to guide the municipal decision-making process
-Transparency - the information gathered as a part of public consultations will be documented, reviewed and shared with the public when appropriate
-Respectful - the  process will be based on respectful interactions and communications by all participants
-Responsive - the Special Areas is committed to being accessible and responsive to concerns

To learn more about public consultation and participation in the Special Areas, check out the Special Areas Board Public Participation Policy

Current Public Consultations

There are no current public consultations.

Public Consultations - Under Review

Animal Control Order

In response to ratepayer concerns related to animal control in the Special Areas, the Special Areas Board is currently consulting with the public on the proposed Animal Control Order.

The purpose of the proposed Animal Control Order is to develop a clear, understandable, and enforceable tool for Enforcement Officers (including RCMP, Fish & Wildlife, and Peace Officers) to use when responding to animal control concerns in the Special Areas. The proposed Animal Control Order is consistent with Animal Control Bylaws in place in other rural Alberta municipalities, including Wheatland County, Starland County, Kneehill County, Cypress County, and Stettler County.

The first reading of the proposed Animal Control Order occurred on July 24th at the Special Areas Board meeting held in Consort, Alberta. A public hearing was held on September 25th at the Special Areas Board Office in Hanna, Alberta. After the public hearing was adjourned, the Special Areas Board amended the proposed Animal Control Order as a result of the public feedback received. The proposed Animal Control Order was read a second time by the Special Areas Board on September 25th at the Special Areas Board meeting held in Hanna, Alberta.

The Special Areas Board has recommended the proposed Animal Control Order be approved and signed by the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

What do I need to know?

If you are interested in learning more, a good place to start is to read the proposed animal control order. If you want to provide feedback, there are some important dates you should be aware of.

When do I need to give my feedback by?

Your feedback needs to be received by September 21, 2018 @ 4:30 pm if you are providing written feedback (email, written submission).

Submissions and oral presentations will be heard by the Special Areas Board at the Public Hearing scheduled for September 25, 2018 @ 10:30 am. Notice of the Public Hearing will be published in local newspapers the weeks of September 10 & 17.

How do I give feedback?

If you would like to provide feedback, there are a few ways you can share your thoughts with the Special Areas Board.

From August 22 to September 21, you can submit your comments via email, written submission, over the phone, or in-person.

-Email: send your comments to You need to include your full name, physical address, and contact information in your email.

-Written Submission: send your submission to the address below.

Jordon Christianson, Chair
Special Areas Board
Box 820
Hanna, AB  T0J 1P0
Attn: Animal Control Order – Public Consultation

-Phone: contact your local Area Administrator to discuss this public consultation.

-Special Area No. 2 – Brett Richards – (403) 854-5625
-Special Area No. 3 – Darran Dick – (403) 664-3618
-Special Are No. 4 – Corinne Kelts – (403) 577-3523

Your comments will be recorded and included in the interim public consultation report.

-In Person: head to your local District Office during regular office hours.

-Special Area No. 2 – Hanna, AB – 212-2nd Ave. W
-Special Area No. 3 – Oyen, AB – 319 Main St.
-Special Area No. 4 – Consort, AB – 4916-50th St.

How do I know you received my feedback?

You will receive confirmation of your written submission once it has been received.

How do I find out the results of this public consultation?

Public feedback collected as a part of this consultation process will be summarized in an interim report which will be presented to the Special Areas Board ahead of the September 25, 2018 public meeting.

The minutes of the September 25, 2018 public hearing are available for review here.

The final report will be made available to the public upon the conclusion of this public consultation process.