Industrial Uses

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For many years, oil and gas has been a driving force in our part of the province. We welcome industry and strive to support our businesses so they can thrive.


The Special Areas Board issues and administers surface dispositions related to industrial development on public lands located in the Special Areas. These include:


  • Mineral Surface Leases (MSL)
  • Pipe Line Application (PLA)
  • Right of Entry (ROE)
  • Miscellaneous Leases (MISC)
  • License of Occupation (LOC)
  • Easements (EAS)



Lisa Bietelspacher, Lease Supervisor

MSL/PLA Applications

MSL and PLA applications require both paper and digital submissions.


Paper submission requirements:



Digital Submission requirements (to ftp site):


Disposition Cancellations (MSL w/ no disturbance or pipeline abandonment)

When there has been no site disturbance, or in the case of a pipeline abandonment, please submit your request in writing (email preferred) to the attention of Administrative Support (Property Administration) located in Hanna at the Special Areas Board office.


Your submission should include the following documents:


  • Letter requesting cancellation
  • Coloured plan showing the exact portion to be cancelled


Once submitted, your applications will be provided to the Rangeland Agrologist for inspection. Once the inspection is completed, you will receive confirmation of the cancellation from our Property Administration team.

Third Party Approvals

All requests for approvals on an existing approach, to construct an approach, crossings, or 330 feet proximity approval can be made in writing at no charge. Please include a letter of request and color plans and submit through email.

MSL/PLA Disposition Assignment

In situations where a company is divesting all or a portion of their assets within Special Areas, an Assignment of Disposition must be completed. The following documents are required to be submitted in their original form to the Property Administration department:


  • Cover letter requesting assignment
  • Assignment document, with original signatures and seals
  • Schedule of all dispositions
  • Applicable fees*


Once the assignment has been registered, proof of the assignment will be sent to the assignee. For any inquires for submitted disposition assignments, please contact our Administrative Support.


In the event of a partial assignment, please provide a plan clearly indicating the portion to be assigned and the number of acres associated with the assignment.


NOTE: Prior to an assignment, contact Property Administration for a listing of all dispositions to ensure all MSL/PLAs are properly transferred.


*All assignments are charged at $100/MSL or PLA being assigned.

MSL/PLA/ROE Name Change

In situations where a company undergoes a corporate name change or amalgamation, this change must be registered with the Special Areas. The following documents are required to be submitted to the Property Administration department at the Special Areas Board:


  • Cover letter requesting name change
  • Copy of the Certificate of Name Change, Amalgamation, or Amendment
  • Applicable fees*


NOTE: Prior to a name change/amalgamation/amendment, contact Property Administration for a listing of all dispositions to ensure all MSL/PLA/ROEs are properly transferred.


*All name changes are charged at $50/MSL or PLA affected.


MSL on Grazing Lease/Permit Unoccupied Public Land/Community Pasture MSL on Cultivation Lease/Permit, Irrigation Lease
Application fee >$25 >$25 $25
Digital filing fee $125 $125 $125
General disturbance, severance, inconvenience, etc. $90/acre $150/acre $90/acre
Annual rental $50/acre $300/acre $100/acre
Administration & inspections $100 $150 $100




Pipeline Agreement (PLA) Temporary Work Space
Application fee $25 N/A
Digital filing fee $125 N/A
Grazing Lease $650/acre ($100 min.) $100/acre ($100 min.)
Community Pasture $1000/acre ($100 min.) $500/acre ($100 min.)
Cultivation/irrigation lease $650/acre $100/acre ($100 min.)
Permitted Land N/A $500/acre ($100 min.)