Visiting the Special Areas

Friendly-passionate people, wide-open spaces, clean air and endless blue skies will make your heart skip a beat when you’re in Alberta’s Special Areas, a unique municipal area covering approximately 2.1 million hectares in the south central part of the province.  There are three Special Areas; Special Area 2 based out of Hanna, Special Area 3 based out of Oyen and Special Area 4 which is based out of Consort and located in the northern region on the Special Areas map.

Special Areas has a wide range of attractions, accommodations, and events for you to experience. Come and explore our museums, historical attractions, parks, trails, lakes, and campgrounds. Our region has a strong community spirit where people work together to continuously enhance our quality of life through community events to keep you entertained either as a participant or spectator.

An abundance of wide open spaces makes the Special Areas a mecca for those who love the outdoors and nature. Explore our parks where you can enjoy scenic trails while bird watching, or just enjoying the beauty of the landscape. While here, take in a game of golf on one our many impressive golf courses or depending on the season some fishing or hunting.

Looking to relax, unwind and pamper one’s self after taking in all of the attractions? Our day spas are luxury for the mind, body and soul.  Whether you are by yourself or with your friends you know you deserve it.

In the Special Areas we really do have it all.

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