Assessment & Taxation

The Assessment and Taxation Department is located in Hanna at the Board office. You can contact this department in person at:

Special Areas Assessment & Taxation Office
212-2nd Avenue West
Box 820
Hanna, Alberta


For any questions related to taxes or if you would like a tax certificate, please contact the Tax Department at:

Call (403) 854-5632
Fax (403) 854-5633


Residential properties are assessed at market value.  To determine the assessed value, the assessment department uses recent residential sales. 

To help you determine if your assessed value is both fair and equitable, you are eligible for information to help you make that determination. The information you are eligible for is outlined in the government publication: Access to Property Assessment Information.

For more information related to assessment in the Special Areas, please contact our Assessment Department at:

Call (403) 854-5630 or (403) 854-5636
Fax (403) 854-5633

Disagree with your assessed value/how to file a complaint