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For any questions related to taxes or if you would like a tax certificate, please contact the Tax Department at:

Residential properties are assessed at market value.  To determine the assessed value, the assessment department uses recent residential sales.  If you would like to review the sales that were used, please contact the Assessment Department and we will send you the sales in your area.  The Assessment Department also has farm land sales information if you wish to see it.

If you wish to compare your assessment to that of your neighbors, the total assessed value for any property in the Special Areas is available by contacting the Assessment Department.

To help you determine if your assessed value is both fair and equitable, you are eligible for information to help you make that determination. The information you are eligible for is outlined in the government publication: Access to Property Assessment Information.

If you disagree with your Assessed Value or if you wish to know more about how your assessed value was determined please contact the Assessment Department.

To contact the Assessment Department:

Here is a map showing the Economic Zones in the Special Areas: Economic Zones.pdf

Here is a map showing the departments’ schedule for the re-inspection of Residential Properties.pdf

If, after speaking with an Assessor, you nevertheless feel that your assessed value is incorrect, you have the right to file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board.  To file a complaint you must fill out an Assessment Review Board Complaint Form along with an Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization if you wish to have someone else represent you with the Assessor or the Review Board.

Any complaints about the Assessed Value must be filed with the Review Board Clerk by July 19, 2016.  The Review Board Clerk may be reached at:

Complaint Fees:
Residental/Farmland – $50.00/roll number

Commercial/Industrial (by assessment value)
Less than $500,000 – $100.00/roll number
$500,000 – $999,999.99 – $300.00/roll number
$1,000,000.00 – $4,999,999.99 – $500.00/roll number
$5,000,000.00 and over – $650.00/roll number

  • MGA Section 481 (2) if the assessment review board makes a decision in a favor of the complaint, the fees paid by the complaint under section (1) must be refunded.

Assessment PDF forms:

What you need to know about Property Assessment:

Why was the Assessor at my property?
What is Market Value
Market Value vs. Sale Price
What does an Assessor need to know about my Property to prepare the Assessment?
Do things like Air Conditioning or Granite Counters affect my Assessment?
What are Property Classes?
What happens with the information the Assessor collects?
How does Special Areas calculate my Assessment?
How do I know what information the Special Areas has about my property?
How can I contact my Assessor?
If I don’t agree with my Assessment what can I do?
What's the difference between my Assessment and my Taxes?
Where can I learn more about the Legislation regarding Assessment and Taxation in Alberta?


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Forms Available for Download

Assessment Review Board Complaint Form

Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form



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Request for Assessment Information

Special Areas Assessment Office
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Request for Taxation Information

Special Areas Assessment Office
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