Our Unique Advantages

Special Areas holds a lot of promise for our residents and we are proud of our close knit communities. Our part of the province delivers the freedom of wide-open spaces that give you room to breathe. Whether you’re looking to put down roots in a place that offers plenty of opportunity for adventure and growth or a place to just feel at home, you’ll find the Special Areas to be warm, inviting, and connected.


Located in the heart of southeastern Alberta’s grasslands, in Special Areas you’ll find the simplicity of a prairie lifestyle with easy access to local urban conveniences and strong connectivity to nearby communities. With ample land, accessible real estate prices, and high-speed internet, there are endless opportunities to make your dreams a reality, while still leaving plenty of time to relax on the front porch or explore the great outdoors.


As a service provider, Special Areas Board provides a diverse set of services to the residents of this area, giving residents access to an outstanding quality of life. Special Areas Board is responsible for municipal services, much the same as other municipalities, but it also acts as the manager for public lands (roughly 2.5 million acres) located within the Special Areas.