Enforcement Services

Key Contact Information

We want a safe community where everyone can enjoy their lives. Although we all look out for one another, we also ensure safety and peace through enforcement. Enforcement services in the Special Areas is provided by Community Peace Officers (CPOs).


CPOs are responsible for enforcing select federal, provincial and municipal legislation. They enhance public safety in the region by working with the RCMP and Alberta Sheriffs.


CPOs play a leading role in protecting municipal infrastructure by restricting overweight and oversize commercial vehicles, patrolling parks and recreation areas, and responding to “on the spot” municipal enforcement needs.


Jamie Erickson, Community Peace Officer


In the event of a FIRE, POLICE, MEDICAL, or other emergency requiring immediate assistance: DIAL 911.

What We Do

CPOs are appointed by the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General’s Office. CPOs are required to meet and maintain a high standard of qualifications and certification, which ensures the effective and professional delivery of enforcement services to residents of the Special Areas.


CPOs are fully trained first responders in Emergency Management and Incident Command Systems (ICS).


CPOs respond to complaints or requests for municipal enforcement in Special Areas No. 2, 3, and 4 on local roads, primary highways, parks, and hamlets.

Municipal Road Bans

The preservation of Special Areas road network is accomplished through enforcement of road bans, approving overweight routing and permits and encouraging compliance by all road users.


The objective of these initiatives is to ensure our roadway infrastructure is maintained in an effective and efficient manner, allowing for the safe and comfortable transportation of people and goods.


For more information on current road bans or overweight permitting contact ROADATA Services at 1-888-830-7623 or visit www.roadata.com.