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Roads and streets are fundamental to the quality of life and economic well-being in the Special Areas.  Changing traffic patterns and evolving industrial development means ongoing strategy adjustments to our road program.


Special Areas manages road maintenance, construction, surfacing, repairs, and recrowning through the annual road program. The annual road program is developed each year as a part of the Special Areas budgeting cycle. Projects are determined using input from local road committees, long-term road program planning, and capital budgeting constraints.



Shaune Kovitch, Superintendent of Roads & Equipment

Municipal Road Bans

The preservation of Special Areas road network is accomplished through enforcement of road bans, approving overweight routing and permits, and encouraging compliance by all road users.


These initiatives help ensure our roadway infrastructure is maintained in an effective and efficient manner, allowing for the safe and comfortable transportation of people and goods.


For more information on current road bans or overweight permitting contact ROADATA Services at 1-888-830-7623 or visit

Road Service Requests

Road maintenance concerns are managed by District Maintenance Foreman:

  • Special Area No. 2 – Ross Crowle – (403) 857-9687
  • Special Area No. 3 – John Hogan – (403) 664-0110
  • Special Area No. 4 – Bruce Gillespie – (403) 575-0294


Some requests for road services are started at the Youngstown Services Center. These include:

  • Gravel Purchases – gravel may be purchased from the Special Areas for private use by ratepayers.
  • Texas Gates– Texas gates may be installed on road allowances subject to Special Areas policy. Access the request form here.
  • Damaged or Missing Road Signs – to report damaged or missing road sign contact the Sign Foreman at Youngstown Service Center.


Some requests for road services start at the district office, and are then managed by the Youngstown Services Center. These include:

  • Dust Abatementdust abatement will be provided by the Special Areas on roadways past residences based on approval by the Special Areas Board. Ratepayers will be invoiced for a portion of costs and are required to sign a declaration prior to application.
  • Snowplowing on Private Roads – snowplowing on private roads may be provided by Special Areas. Residents requesting this service will be invoiced as outlined in Special Areas policy.

Annual Road Program

The annual road program is adopted each year at the spring meeting of Advisory Council. This program includes all planned road construction, surfacing, repair, and recrowning work for the upcoming season.