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Special Areas is a beautiful part of the province, with wide open vistas, rolling prairies, and beautiful wetlands. Ensuring our region remains beautiful long into the future is important to our residents and those who visit us.


The Special Areas Board is an agency of the Government of Alberta and manages the surface activities of industrial dispositions located on public lands in the Special Areas. Special Areas Rangeland Agrologists work with disposition holders to ensure disturbed land is reclaimed.



Diana Boxma, Rangeland Agrologist

Reclamation in Special Areas

The Alberta Energy Regulator ( is responsible for approving reclamation certificates on all lands within the Special Areas.


To complete the landowner Phase 1 ESA and Reclamation interview sections of AER’s reclamation certificate application, requests can be sent to identified with the disposition number.

  • Submissions of the landowner notification package can be mailed to
    • Special Areas Board
    • Attn: Rangeland Department
    • Box 820, Hanna, AB  T0J 1P0
  • Digital submissions can be sent to


Occupant information of public lands can be obtained by completing a disposition search at


The Special Areas Board’s objective is to minimize the loss of native grassland. The Board has adopted zero tolerance for invasive introduced plant species on reclaimed sites in native grasslands. Seed mixes must be designed to reflect the composition of the surrounding plant community to the disturbance. Seed mixes can be sent to for approval.