Agriculture Services

The Agricultural Service Board’s (ASB’s) of the Special Areas assist producers in many ways, while working in accordance within the regulations of the following Acts:

- Agriculture Service Board Act
- Weed Control Act
- Soil Conservation Act
- Agricultural Pests Act
- Animal Health Act

Got Ag. Questions? Give your local Ag Fieldman a call!

Special Areas 2: Jesse Williams (403) 854-1114
Special Areas 3: Don Hogan (403) 664-5585
Special Areas 4: Justine Comeau (403) 577-3523

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Weed Control Programs

Agricultural Service Boards appoint weed inspectors to carry out the needs of the Weed Control Act. Within this Act, there are two types of regulated weeds: noxious and prohibited noxious.

Noxious weeds must be controlled.

Prohibited noxious weeds must be eradiated.

While it is ultimately the landowner's or lessee's responsibility for weed control, Agricultural Service Boards use SAB Policy 04-04 (when applicable) to provide up to 4 hours of free spraying of noxious weeds for ratepayers in the Special Areas.

If you think you have seen a noxious or prohibited noxious weed in the Special Areas, contact your Ag. Fieldman.

What noxious and prohibited weeds should you be on the lookout for?

Head to the Alberta Invasive website to learn more.
Killer Plants and Common Posers - click here for more information
For more information about these Prohibited Noxious Weeds and other kinds click here.

Pest Control Programs

Pest Control - Gophers & Strychnine

Liquid Strychnine is only available for sale at local District Offices during the season, supplies permitting.

Special Areas landowners are eligible to purchase up to 48 bottles of 2% Liquid Strychnine Concentrate for control of Richardson’s Ground Squirrels from their agricultural Fieldman at the Special Areas offices located in Consort, Hanna & Oyen.  Landowners may purchase up to 24 bottles on their first visit to the office, with an option to purchase an additional 24 bottles a minimum of two weeks later.  Landowners must agree to all the terms and conditions stated in the product registration, including collecting and disposing of all poisoned carcasses as directed by the label.  All unused bottles must be returned to Special Areas or disposed of according to provincial guidelines.  Supplies are limited and distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Clubroot Control

Clubroot Policy 03-04
The Ag. Fieldman conduct annual surveys for this disease.

Clubroot Management Plan of Alberta

Alberta Clubroot Infestation Maps


Special Areas offers Bran Applicators to assist in grasshopper control.
grasshopper survey
Annually, Special Areas participates in the provincial grasshopper survey which helps Alberta Agriculture produce the Grasshopper Forecast Map of Alberta and also provides information for the Alberta Crop Reporting Program which provides monthly updates during the growing season.
Grasshopper Forecast Map of Alberta
Grasshopper Guide

Annual Surveys

ASB staff participate in annual crop pest inspections at the request of Alberta Agriculture & Forestry. This includes, but is not limited to, Fusarium Headblight, Blackleg, Sclerotinia and Bertha Army Worm.

For more information visit:

Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network

Alberta Agriculture Crop Diseases

Coyote Control

Coyotes are deemed pests under the Agricultural Pest Act. If you experience predation of livestock from coyotes your Ag Fieldman will work with you to develop a management plan to minimize losses.  Coyote Predation of Livestock (AAF)

Skunks & Magpies

To aid in pest control, skunk and magpie traps are available for rent to Special Areas ratepayers for a refundable deposit only. To book your rental please contact your Ag Fieldman.

Shelterbelt Programs

Pick up a shelterbelt tree order form at your nearest District Office or online.
Shelterbelts in Alberta
Shelterbelts for Livestock Farms
Shelterbelts for Soil Conservation
PrairieTech Propagation
Tips for Tree Planting
Tree Planter available for rent

Agriculture Profiles

Special Areas No. 2
Special Areas No. 3
Special Areas No. 4

For more information please visit CARA's Website

Equipment for Rent

Visit our Rates in Effect page for current equipment rental rates. Contact your local District Office for more information.

Grant Funding Opportunities

Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Funding

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