Special Areas Board announces utility deferral program – Special Areas Board

Special Areas Board announces utility deferral program

New financial relief measures for Special Areas water utility users were approved by the Special Areas Board, and will be in effect as of March 24, 2020. Water utility customers who receive invoices from the Special Areas for potable water will be able to request a 90 day deferral of these payments. This program is designed to provide temporary financial relief to residential, farm, and other customers who are unable to pay their bill when it is due. Customers will still have to pay for any deferred utilities after the 90 day period has expired.

During this 90 day deferral period, Special Areas will not be disconnecting water utility services.

For more information on this deferral program, please contact your local District Office at:

  • Special Area No. 2 - Hanna   - 403-854-5625
  • Special Area No. 3 - Oyen      - 403-664-3618
  • Special Area No. 4 - Consort - 403-577-3523