Request for Tender – Hay Permit – 280 acres in Special Area No. 2 – Special Areas Board

Request for Tender – Hay Permit – 280 acres in Special Area No. 2

Hay Permit – Portion of Section 24-29-13-W4M

The Special Areas Board is requesting bids for a Hay Permit covering the following location and area:
               - Portion of Section 24-29-13-W4M
               - 280 acres south of the new Hwy 577

All applicants must adhere to the Alberta Regulation 137/2001, Special Areas Act, Special Areas Disposition Regulation, regarding Hay Permits. Copies of these regulations are available at the Special Areas District Office in Hanna.

As these lands are within Westmoreland Coal Company – Sheerness mining permit area all persons entering must adhere to all Safety Code Practices instituted by Westmoreland – Sheerness as outlined by the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations. A Safety Orientation with Westmoreland will be required prior to accessing the Hay Permit. Notification prior to entry and exit on mine lands each day by all persons by telephone is a requirement of this permit. Westmoreland requires all equipment entering the permit area to have the following: charged and operable fire extinguisher, appropriately sized chock blocks, functioning head lights and tail lights, reflective flag whip on all light duty vehicles, functioning service and parking brakes, in the case of a lifting device – proof of structural inspection within one calendar year, lockout point that meets mine site requirements, seat belts for all persons in machine, guards on all rotating equipment, horn or other signaling device, backup alarm and roll over protection system if equipment weighs over 700kg.

A $5,000,000.00 liability insurance is required for any contractor working within the Mine Permit area and proof of that insurance must be presented at the Safety Orientation with the Mine.

All tenders shall be submitted on a dollar/tonne (1000kg or 2205lbs) basis.

The Special Areas Board reserves the right to select a bid other than that of the highest bidder.

Closing Date:            June 5, 2020

Submit tenders to:      Tenille Stevens, Office Manager
                                      Special Area District Office No. 2
                                      P.O. Box 820
                                      Hanna, Alberta    T0J 1P0
                                      P: (403) 854-5626    F: (403) 854-5627