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Government Of Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program – Landowner & Leaseholder Nomination of Lands

The Government of Alberta has initiated the Site Rehabilitation Program in order to help clean up some of the oil and gas facilities across the province. The current phase of funding for this program is targeted to facilities where the licensee (the owner of the oil and gas facility such as a wellsite) has ceased payment for surface rights. These are also known as Section 36 lands.

Orphan wells are not eligible for this phase of the program.

Private landowners and leaseholders can nominate locations on their lands which fall under Section 36 lands for clean up within this program. Nominating locations brings attention to the presence of the problem location. Locations may be selected throughout the life of the program, including potentially future phases.

Oil and Gas locations picked up by the program will have reclamation completed on them by qualified consultants. This would include the removal of facilities, clean up of any contaminants, and re-vegetation so that the location would become safe and usable, blending in with the surrounding land use.

In order to nominate a location, the private landowner or leaseholder must send an email to “” with the subject line “Landowner SRP Nomination” and include the following information:
• Name of landowner on the land title
• Legal land description of the facility being nominated (legal subdivision is preferable over quarter section)
• Landowner Phone Number
• Landowner Mailing Address
• Information relevant to the site nomination (eg: infrastructure that is present, observed concerns, fencing)
• A photo of the licensee information sign (usually this sign is located at the end of the access road or on the fence surrounding the wellsite. If it is not present, indicate in the email that the sign is not present and a photo of the facility can be included instead)

Multiple sites can be included in one email, but all information must be clearly presented and photos must be labeled so it can be identified which site they belong to. Email size cannot exceed 100 MBs.

The deadline for this phase of the program is June 18, so nominations should be submitted no later than June 15 to allow for processing. Landowners and leaseholders are encouraged to submit locations past the June 18 deadline as demand and need will be looked at by the Government of Alberta for the determination of future phases.

For more information on the program, go to

To speak with staff from the Special Areas Board Property Administration department, call (403) 854-5600.

Additional Information:
Program Information and Guidelines (PDF):

Instructions for Landowners (includes grazing lease holders):