Updated Environmental Review Form Now Available - Special Areas Board

Updated Environmental Review Form Now Available

The updated Environmental Review Form is now available for use or applications for new surface dispositions located on public lands in the Special Areas. For more information on this update, you can view the updated fact sheet.

The Environmental Review Program, in place since 2010, was designed to better manage surface disturbances and protect significant environmental features during the planning, construction, operations, and reclamation of industrial projects. This program was reviewed in late 2019/early 2020 to ensure it aligns pre-application disposition requirements of the Environmental Review with regulatory compliance set out across multi-jurisdictional areas like wildlife, species-at-risk, wetlands and waterbodies.

As the public land manager for the Special Areas, the Special Areas Board has always emphasized preservation of native range while maintaining industrial and commercial development. This grassland is an important resource with intrinsic value, used for agriculture, industrial, commercial and recreational purposes. This land also provides habitat to many wildlife and plant species, many of which are classified as Species at Risk.

The updated Environmental Review Form, and the accompanying guide, will be implemented on January 1, 2021. Applicants are encouraged to collect field data in alignment with the updated Environmental Review Form to support an accurate application for the project after the implementation date.


An Environmental Review will be required with applications for new surface dispositions on public lands located within the Special Areas. The project proponent must demonstrate a reasonable understanding of the project and the environment into which it is to be placed. This will include potential impacts associated with the project, and mitigation measures that will be taken to address those impacts. As well, the Environmental Review will provide an assessment that evaluates the following components:

  • land use
  • landscape
  • soil
  • vegetation
  • fish and wildlife
  • species at risk
  • wetlands and waterbodies
  • cultural and historical resources
  • First Nations consultation

For more information on the Environmental Review Program, or other reclamation or range management issues, contact the Property Administration Department at (403) 854-5619, or email Nolan Ball, Rangeland Agrologist.