Use Respect. Ask First. – Special Areas Board

Use Respect. Ask First.

Use Respect. Ask First.

This hunting season, always contact landowners and leaseholders BEFORE entering private or public lands. Landowner and leaseholder information is available in the 2020 Special Areas Map Book, or through your local District Office.

Special Area No. 2 - Hanna - (403) 854-5625

Special Area No. 3 - Oyen -  (403) 664-3618

Special Area No. 4 - Consort - (403) 577-3523

Dry conditions exist throughout the Special Areas region, which means you need to use extreme caution when accessing public or private lands. Use foot access instead of driving when possible. Have a fully charged fire extinguisher with you, and reduce the risk of grassfires by not smoking. Avoid tall grassy areas,  and avoid driving off roadways.

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