#OurStories – Snow Plow Associations – Special Areas Board

#OurStories – Snow Plow Associations

Adapted from “Youngstown Memories: Across the Years 1909 - 1983", compiled and published by Youngstown and District Historical Society, 1984

Snowplowing used to be managed on a community basis in the Special Areas. Communities would form snow plow associations, funding their operations through the sale of assessable and non-assessable shares. Once formed and funded, these organizations would be responsible for providing snowplowing work to the community. One example from our history books is the Big Stone Snow Plow Association.

The Big Stone Snow Plow Association’s organization meeting was held at the Big Stone Hall on December 8, 1950. $1600.00 worth of assessable shares were sold, and non-assessable shares were sold at $40.00 each. The non-assessable type of shares were for merchants, including Gordon and McKeage, Albert Marr, the Co-op Store, Empire Hotel and for truckers as E. Ward and Ransom Coad and the mailman N.R. van Dam. With funds raised, the association bought a rotary snow blower. The pay for the operator including his own tractor was $5.00 per hour at first, and by 1965 was $8.00 per hour. Pushers with a second tractor were paid $3.50 per hour.

A grant based on the percentage of the costs was given by the Special Areas. By 1967 the government took over the job of snow removal of the roads. The last meeting of the Association was April 29, 1969.

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