Prussian Carp Research Project Begins 2021 Work – Special Areas Board

Prussian Carp Research Project Begins 2021 Work

Local volunteers, along with staff from Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), braved the chilly conditions last month to net Blood Indian Reservoir. This work, supervised by Craig Copeland (Fish Manager with AEP), is a continuation of AEP's work investigating the Prussian Carp invasive species impacts and management options at Blood Indian Reservoir. You can learn more about their 2020 findings here.
This initial netting - a part of the 2021 research work - resulted in much lower carp numbers compared to July 2020. This netting did provide valuable information on Carp behavior, along with numerous trout who were captured and released, as Carp had been spawning in significant numbers just several days prior in that location.
Special Areas greatly appreciates the ongoing efforts by Craig Copeland and his team of fish experts at AEP to better understand - and manage - the Carp invasive species issue. The AEP team will be returning to Blood Indian in July 2021 to continue their research work. They are optimistic they will see lots of Carp then as they captured and destroyed over 350,000 Prussian Carp in July 2020.
If you are interested in volunteering with the July AEP research netting, please contact Special Areas Parks Supervisor John Armstrong at (403) 854-5600 or through email at