Reclamation in the Special Areas – FAQs

Reclamation in the Special Areas – FAQs

Reclamation can be a complex process taking many years – sometimes even decades. The Special Areas Board (SAB) is responsible for managing the surface activities of industrial dispositions located on public lands located in the Special Areas. SAB Agrologists work with agricultural leaseholders in the Special Areas to provide support during the reclamation process.

To learn more about reclamation in the Special Areas, check out our quick guide and FAQ.

If you would like to speak with our Rangeland Management department related to reclamation concerns, please contact Diana Boxma at or call (403) 854-0948.

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is the single regulator of energy development in Alberta, from application and exploration, to construction and operation, to decommissioning, closure and reclamation.

Reclamation work is a part of this process. Energy licenses are legally obligated to return disturbed specified land to a state functionally equivalent to what it was before development. The AER must be satisfied that all requirements have been met before certifying a site as reclaimed.

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