Update on the Special Ballot Process - Special Areas Board

Update on the Special Ballot Process

Residents in the Special Areas were able to participate in the October 18, 2021, Provincial Senate election and referendum questions by special (mail-in) ballot.

Being able to vote on matters that impact you is a foundation of good governance.

For the Provincial Senate Election and Referendum questions on October 18, Special Areas residents were only able to vote by special ballot. We have heard from many residents this process did not work and prevented people from having their say on these important questions.

On behalf of the Board, and our entire organization, we are committed to working with the Province to do better.”

Jordon Christianson, Chair

Elections Alberta will be releasing official results from the Provincial referendum questions and Senate election on October 26, 2021, at 11:00 am, including those reported from each municipality. Information on the Senate election and referendum questions can be found at https://www.elections.ab.ca/senate-and-referendum/.

Feedback about the special ballot process can be shared with Maeghan Chostner, Special Areas Communications at (403) 854-5611 or via email to public.input@specialareas.ab.ca.