Special Areas Getting Ready for 2022

Special Areas Getting Ready for 2022

“Looking back on 2021, we faced some pretty big challenges: from disruptive public health measures to supply chain issues to extreme weather conditions. 2021 was a year that tested us all.

Although we may not know what 2022 will bring, I believe it will be full of once-in-a-generation opportunity. I am excited to see all the hard work of the past few years begin creating new possibilities for all of the Special Areas.”

Jordon Christianson, Chair  

Although it may be early in the new year, Special Areas is already busy getting key pieces moving for 2022. First up in the new year is updating appointments to the Special Areas Board. There are three locally elected Advisory Council members who serve on the Board, each representing one of the Special Areas. In 2022, Board members will be remaining the same, with Brad Slorstad representing Special Area No. 2, Daryl Swenson representing Special Area No. 3, and Doug Noble representing Special Area No. 4.

Another major item for administration to tackle is the 2022 budget and road program. The Board is planning a return to pre-pandemic operations that focuses on protecting municipal infrastructure investments while delivering critical services and programs to ratepayers. By returning to pre-pandemic spending levels in 2022, administration will be completing critical capital expenditures which had been deferred over the past two years. In January, local road committees will be reviewing the proposed 2022 road program and providing feedback for the spring meeting of Advisory Council.

Finally, the proposed tax recovery land sale policy is expected to be finalized early in 2022. Once this is completed, more information on the draft sale policy will be shared with Special Areas residents so they can share their thoughts on the draft policy. The proposed tax recovery land sale policy supports the stability and security of agricultural producers in the region. It would be the fourth sale policy held by the Special Areas if approved.

For more information on your upcoming local road committee meeting or to learn more about Advisory Council meetings, contact your local district office.