Next Steps for SAWSP

There are three options being considered the next steps for SAWSP:

  1. Do Not Submit EIA - means no further action would be taken with the EIA report. It would not be submitted to Alberta Environment & Parks for technical review. Estimated cost - $0.
  2. Submit EIA for Technical Review - means the EIA report would be submitted to Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) for technical review. This would allow the EIA report to be considered complete and accepted by AEP, and would be required before any formal NRCB review could take place. Estimated cost - $1M.
  3. Submit EIA for Technical Review and request NRCB review - means the EIA report would be submitted to Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) for technical review. Once this technical review was completed, Special Areas would request to have the project sent to the National Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) for a public interest determination. Estimated cost - $2M to $10M.

Public consultation on these three options was undertaken in March 2020. Feedback was collected at community information sessions and via an online survey.

The summary report for the public consultation is available here.

Community Information Sessions

A series of community information sessions were hosted on March 5 & 6 in Consort, Hanna, and Oyen to allow ratepayers and local stakeholders to get the latest update on the project, hear about the results of the Environmental Assessment Report, and ask professionals who completed the technical work any questions on the project.

Special Areas Board Chair, Jordon Christianson, provided an update on the project status and some background on the project itself.

To view a copy of the Special Areas Board presentation, go here.

Representatives from Klohn Crippen Berger, Toma & Bouma Management Consultants, and Anielski Economics of Well-Being presented their findings on the work completed in the SAWSP Environmental Impact Assessment report.

To view a copy of the Klohn Crippen Berger presentation, go here.

To view a copy of the Toma & Bouma/Anielski Economics presentation, go here.


Special Areas Water Supply Project

The Special Areas Water Supply Project is a proposed water infrastructure project which would transport water from the Red Deer River for use in this region. It would support local stock water opportunities, irrigation projects, drought mitigation work and enhanced riparian areas.

This project has been in development since the late 1980s, and in 2011 the Alberta Government requested an Environmental Impact Assessment report be completed on the project. The terms of reference for the EIA report identified the project design as including:

  • 8000 acres of irrigation
  • 103 kms of pipeline
  • 14 multi-use project
  • 3 reservoirs

Project Design Map

Project Profile Fact Sheet

Alberta Transportation was responsible for managing the EIA report work, and the report was delivered to the Special Areas Board in 2019. For a copy of the EIA report, including Volume I - Introduction & Background, Volume II - Environmental Impact Assessment, Volume III - Socio-economic Impact Assessment, and Volume IV - Technical Data Reports, please contact your local district office.