Ratepayer Meetings Move Online for 2021 - Special Areas Board

Ratepayer Meetings Move Online for 2021

The purpose of annual ratepayer meetings is to give residents throughout the Special Areas the chance to share feedback with Administration and Advisory Council, and to get updates on Special Areas projects and planned work.

With in-person ratepayer meetings not able to be delivered this June, Special Areas is moving the reports and presentations online for 2021. Annual in-person ratepayer meetings are planned for November after the October municipal election.

You can find our annual reporting and presentations from Administration at www.specialareas.ab.ca/ratepayer-meetings/.

Special Areas is asking ratepayers to share their feedback over the summer through a quick online survey available at www.surveymonkey.com/r/Ratepayer2021. This survey helps you share your feedback on how we are doing, what information you want to see from Administration, and suggestions for future ratepayer engagement. This survey also gives you a chance to share specific questions or concerns with senior Administration and Advisory Councillors.

Annual ratepayer meetings have been a part of how Special Areas connects with ratepayers since the early days of the Board. Every year, representatives from senior Administration and locally elected Advisory Councillors host a public meeting for each subdivision. As a part of these public meetings, members from senior Administration provide reports on prior and current year activities, including key policy initiatives. Ratepayers regularly make motions on actions they want to see undertaken, giving direct feedback to their locally elected Advisory Councillor. Motions from ratepayer meetings are then reviewed at an Advisory Council meeting. Ratepayer meetings discuss issues as diverse as the individuals who attend them, with motions ranging from individual concerns on specific projects to larger policy and program considerations. Not just a forum to discuss current issues and organizational plans, ratepayer meetings also provide a good opportunity to get copies of financial statements, newsletters, safety toolkits, and information on current public consultations.

If you would like to learn more about ratepayer meetings, have questions about our annual reporting, or would like to discuss a specific issue, please contact your local District Office.