2021 Summer Ag Talk Newsletter Now Available! - Special Areas Board

2021 Summer Ag Talk Newsletter Now Available!

The summer 2021 edition of the Ag Talk newsletter is now available. This edition includes information on:

  • What could you be introducing to your farm?
  • Scouting canola for clubroot
  • Strychnine for pest control
  • Will grasshoppers be a threat?
  • Mulching trees & shrubs
  • Common mullein
  • Bales, boars, & invasive business as usual for the AISC
  • Noxious or Native?
  • Poisonous native plants in the Special Areas
  • Prairie bats in buildings
  • Baby's breath robbing your hay yield?
  • Summer ASB staff

To learn more about Agricultural Services in the Special Areas, check out the Ag. Services page or to contact your Ag. Fieldman.